Mr. Nguyen Tan Hai  was elected as vice President of the 10th Province People's Council

Monday - 06/03/2023 10:54 3255
(BP Portal) - The 10th Session (symposium) of the 10th People's Council Binh Phuoc province, session 2021-2026, took place on 3/3, under the chairperson of the permanent People's Council of the province. The meeting is aimed at considering the decisions on the investment of the material capital project and equipment of Binh Phuoc College equipment to complete the investment procedures as prescribed and gather personnel for leadership of the provincial People's Council.
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Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Council – Mrs. Huynh Thi Hang; Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the People's Committee- Mrs. Tran Tue Hien presented flowers to congratulate Mr. Le Hoang Lam and Mr. Nguyen Tan Hai
At a meeting, the provincial People's Council has considered and discussed the report submitted by the Provincial People's Committee on decisions on investment in the material capital project, equipment of the Binh Phuoc college. The objective of the project is to invest material foundations and equipment in service of training, learning and practice of students; An Ensure the need to train lines, key trades and sources of highly skilled laborers, to improve the vocational quality of Binh Phuoc College.

On the basis of the appraisal report of the Provincial People's Council's Economic and Budget Committee on the draft resolution, the meeting unanimously approved the Resolution on the decision on investment policy of the investment project on facilities and equipment of Binh Phuoc College.

At the session, the Provincial People's Council also adopted the resolution to dismiss the Permanent Vice Chairman of the 10th People's Council in Binh Phuoc Provincal, term 2021-2026 for Mr. Le Hoang Lam, who was assigned to take up work in Chon Thanh town Committee as Secretary of The Committee for term 2020-2025. The session has also elected deputy Chairman of the People's Council of Binh Phuoc Province, term 2021-2026 for Mr. Nguyen Tan Hai.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the deputy Permanent Secretary of the Provincial Committee, The President of the People's Council, Mrs. Huynh Thi Hang stressed: Based on the provisions of law and the practical situation of the locality, this meeting considered and adopted a resolution decisive in the promotion of investment in the infrastructure and equipment of the Binh Phuoc College. This is an important step in finalizing the investment procedures of the government in the socio-economic development and recovery program. The implementation of the project increases the opportunities for training of the local workers and helps transform the trades, especially those of the policy and labor force in the remote areas. At the same time, improve the quality of human resources, create conditions for attracting investment and meeting labor demands in industrial zones and clusters.

The Chairman of the Provincial People's Council proposed that, after the meeting, the Provincial People's Committee urgently implement the resolution of the Provincial People's Council, complete the investment procedures and implement the project in accordance with regulations./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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