Binh Phuoc electricity: 25 years without arrears on electricity bills

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(BP Portal) - After more than 25 years of establishment, Binh Phuoc Electricity Company has always determined that electricity bill collection is the last stage in the electricity production and trading activities of an electricity distribution unit. Therefore, the company always aims to collect 100% of electricity revenue. That goal in the past 25 years has always been well implemented, helping Binh Phuoc Electricity get good achievement: 25 years without arrears on electricity bills quarterly and yearly.

This great achievement was thanks to the significant contribution of the efforts and wisdom of the company's leaders and employees. Although 25 years is not long, it has great significance marking the maturity of Binh Phuoc Electricity. It is their experience through many ups and downs and arduousness to find their own way that proves the energy and determination of Binh Phuoc Electricity company's leadership.

Nguyen Quoc Dung, Head of Sales Department- EVN, presents a certificate of merit and flowers to Binh Phuoc Electricity Company

Previously, the electricity business management of Vietnam's electricity sector was mostly manual, and Binh Phuoc Electricity was not an exception. Especially at that time, in the early days of re-establishment, Binh Phuoc was one of the poor provinces in the country with a large area, inconvenient transportation, a high percentage of ethnic minorities, and low educational attainment. These reasons make the management and sale of electricity double difficult.

Electricity staff had to come to each customer's house to record the electricity consumption indexes and collect electricity bills. This is convenient for customers when they do not have to go to transaction points to make payment, but for electricity bill collectors, they face many difficulties, as they have to follow a certain route of collection, and in case the customers are away from home, the collectors have to go back and forth many times. To reach the set targets of collecting electricity bills, all the collectors have to manage to work overtime, even during days off. It's not just that as the customers’ arrears on electricity bills were also monitored manually, without the assistance of a computer or any supporting software.

Timely realizing difficulties in electricity bill collection, the electricity industry expanded payment methods for customers. In 2015, the model of collecting electricity bills at the payment points, paying electricity bills through banks and intermediaries was implemented, creating conditions for customers to be more proactive in payment and partly reducing pressure for the energy bill collectors.

Separated from Song Be Electricity on April 1, 1997, Binh Phuoc Power Company under the Power Company 2 is one of the "later born" units. At that time, the company only had 113 employees, most of them were mobilized from Song Be Electricity, they had to travel more than 80km every day to go to work. 

When newly established, the company received only 9,000 customers from Song Be Electricity, with a revenue of about 22 billion VND. Growing up over the years, Binh Phuoc Electricity now has 316,268 customers, earning a revenue of 6,002 billion VND, 269 times higher than that in 1997. Annual customer growth rate is nearly 4.8%, growth of annual revenue is more than 25% on average.

Being well aware of the role and importance of non-cash payment, in 2016, Binh Phuoc Electricity successfully and effectively implemented the project of developing non-cash payment for the period 2016-2020. At the same time, it stopped collecting electricity bills at home and achieved 100% non-cash payment rate.

The application of non-cash payment has solved difficult problems for the company as well as created convenience for customers. Currently, with just one "click", customers can pay for their electricity bills anytime, anywhere. However, it is the direction and planning of the leadership, efforts and determination of the employees in the company that have contributed to changing the habits of customers to gradually switch to non-payment cash.

In the coming time, with the motto "Customer-centric approach", Binh Phuoc Electricity Company will continue to innovating and fine-tuning itself, creating the most favorable conditions, providing customers with the most convenient services./.

According to: Radio - Television and Newspaper Binh Phuoc


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