Smart radio: Digital Transformation solution for grassroots radio

Wednesday - 24/08/2022 10:55 2063
(BP Portal) - Smart loudspeakers are now the breakthrough solution to digital transformation of the base radio system. Smart loudspeakers strongly apply new technologies such as information and telecommunications to replace them, overcoming the disadvantages of wired (wired) and radio (wireless) broadcasting FM.
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Installing smart loudspeakers in Bu Dop district. Photo: Hung Vuong
A grassroots radio station is an extension of a central to grassroots radio system, the shortest way to get information to people; To make active contributions in the communication and propaganda of local political tasks and to satisfy the information and entertainment needs of the people.

With the base radio station's loudspeaker system, it is possible for the people to access international, domestic and local news information; The situation of socio-economic development, scientific and technical advances and useful information on the domains of social life; At the time of COVID-19, the grassroots loudspeaker system has sent out much of the necessary information to help fight the pandemic.

Mr.Nguyen Minh Quang- The director of the Department of Information and Communication, said: the province is now home to 111 commune radio stations with 1,734 clusters and 3,468 base loudspeakers. Of this, the wireless FM loudspeaker has 1,538 clusters and 3,042 loudspeakers. Loudspeakers Communication technology (also known as smart loudspeakers) have 196 clusters, 426 loudspeakers. The province is implementing The Construction investment project for phase 2022-2023 in 111 communes, wards and townships with 1,484 clusters and 3,423 smart loudspeakers.

The investment of smart loudspeakers is the optimal digital transformation solution for base radio stations, ensuring that information is always transmitted on a large scale and in a timely fashion. This increased the effectiveness of media and communication on the base and kept pace with developments such as the 4.0 era. Smart loudspeakers are also gradually replacing wireless broadcasters and traditional FM wireless broadcasters, which have completed their mission.

Mr. Nguyen Hung Vuong- Head of radio and television Station Bu Dop District, said: In the past, when digital technology had not been developed, wireline loudspeakers showed many limitations such as poor sound quality and uneven throughout the line; It's difficult and expensive to pull the strings away from the center. A radio system is always getting involved, choppy, losing the signal. Hard to maintain or repair.

As digital technology developed, the FM wireless loudspeaker was more advanced. Sound quality is good and uniform across the line, and can be installed at any point if electricity is available; It's much harder to install, maintain, and repair. However, the FM wireless loudspeaker still displays many drawback such as the larger investment, technical staff must have certain expertise. In the administrative centers of districts and communes, which must be at the ground level to build rope and wire antennae columns; When building and putting in use, a licence must be obtained and an annual fee must be paid for the use of radio frequency and frequency to the managing agency. When using the wrong frequency, the system is subject to jamming, so a technical staff must broadcast 24 hours a day during operations.

Mr.Nguyen Minh Quang-The director of the Department of Information and Communications added: Smart loudspeakers will fully remedy the limitations of these two types of loudspeakers. New generation smart loudspeakers developed over IP technology, which is transmitting digital information via packet switching, the terminal devices are addressed according to IP. The transmitting device digitizes the information, then splits it into multiple IP packets to transmit data to receivers via an Internet/3G/4G transmission environment, and stores data on cloud computing for long-term use. Thanks to IP technology, the quality of audio is superior, quickly, and the signal is original in comparison to the source.

Smart loudspeakers also support connectivity: WiFi, 4G, and Ethernet. Diverse sources of information: files, microphones, digital equipment, text, reception. It also has mobile applications that allow the entire radio system to be managed and controlled anywhere. The application also allows for the management of all of the functions of the radio system; To broadcast live from the phone in emergencies without having to go to the studio; It allows data to be transferred from text content to live voice via artificial intelligence technology...

With the advantage of this, smart loudspeaker solutions will fully address the limitations of traditional loudspeakers. Thus, cost savings and manpower for the underlying radio station; To improve the efficiency of transmission of news and information to the people, thus helping to better communication at the establishments./.
Translator: Ms.Thao

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